Kay James

Kay has wide experience of the SR&ED program, from both government and the private sector. She spent ten years with the Canada Revenue Agency SR&ED Directorate, much of it as National Technology Sector Specialist for Software/IT, responsible for national oversight of IT claim review. She developed policy and training initiatives for program users and for CRA reviewers, and presented public information seminars across the country.  While with CRA, Kay worked closely with industry representatives to co-author the CRA publication “Software Guidance”.

Her private-sector experience of the program includes six years as a Senior Director SR&ED with Deloitte’s national practice. There she analyzed CRA policies and their effects, advised on claims and supported clients during claim review.

Kay's research experience is in knowledge utilization and intelligent software. She is the author of "Guide to SR&ED for engineers". 


M.Sc. (Cognitive Science), University of Warwick, UK.

B.A. (Law, Philosophy) University of Hull, UK.           

Private Pilot Licence. 


Knowledge Transfer 

Knowledge Transfer is about making the most effective use of knowledge and expertise. This includes organization and presentation of technical information for SR&ED claims, as well as development of intelligent software and expert systems.

Knowledge Transfer provides advice and support for SR&ED claimants. Services available include:

  • Identification of qualifying SR&ED work, and advice on how best to present it.
  • Analysis of a claim, whether in preparation or in review, from a CRA perspective. 
  • Planning a documentation strategy to meet CRA's requirements.
  • Support during CRA claim review. 
  • Preparing and filing Appeals.
  • Presentation of live information sessions and webinars on the technical aspects of SR&ED. These can be customised to address a company's or association's specific needs.