Guide to SR&ED for engineers

- a definitive guide to the technical aspects of Canada’s R&D tax credit program, written primarily for the people who carry out or manage the R&D and are tasked with demonstrating its eligibility.

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Guide to SR&ED goes beyond CRA’s official guidance material to provide clear and specific information on technical matters, and insights into how the SR&ED program is administered. It will help program users:-

  • identify work that meets the criteria;
  • describe it clearly, establishing its eligibility;
  • assemble supporting evidence;
  • understand CRA’s review process. 

The author has wide experience with the program, both from within the Canada Revenue Agency’s SR&ED Directorate and from the private sector.


1.  Eligibility - the traditional and evolving criteria.

2.  Project definition - what to include in a claim, and how to present it.

3.  Evidence - what’s needed, and how to provide it.

4.  Filing a claim (including a line-by-line guide to Part 2 of the T661 form).

5.  The claim review process, and review outcomes.

6.  CRA services to claimants.

7.  Questions and answers.

8.  A brief history of SR&ED.

9.  Words that carry different meanings for CRA and for claimants.